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Affordable Care Act

Delay of the Affordable Care Act's employer mandate

The IRS has released formal guidance on the delay of the Affordable Care Act's employee mandate and reporting requirements. The text of which is reported in full below.
What this means is Employers who fail to offer minimum essential coverage that provides minimum value and is affordable to its full-time employees under the ACA's employer mandate in 2014 will not be subject to a penalty.  The penalty is expected to apply starting on January 1, 2015. 
Employers must still comply with the other provisions of the ACA, including requirements regarding the type of coverage that must be provided (such as women's preventive care and the elimination of pre-existing condition exclusions), Form W2 Reporting and distribution requirement such as distributing a Summary of Benefits and Coverage and Notice of Coverage Options.

Variable Hour Employees and the Affordable Care Act

TheAffordable Care Actrequires employers with 50 or more employees to provide full-time employees with health insurance coverage or face a tax penalty. This rule sounds straightforward, but what should an employer do if it cannot readily determine whether an employee will work full time? The IRS recently attempted to resolve this confusion by clarifying how to determine whether variable-hour employees work full or part time, and by establishing a safe harbor for employees whose status is not known at their time of hire.
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